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    Red Carpet Event

    Red Carpet Rentals in Greater Philadelphia

    An entrance often sets the tone for the rest of the event. So if you’re planning on making the entrance to your event spectacular, then a red carpet or scenic entrance makes a huge impact. Creating a custom carpet experience at the entrance of your event will instantly give it an exclusive and inviting feel. Whether you need the red carpet for a movie premiere, gala, fundraising, or corporate event, we’re here to fulfill even the highest of expectations.

    A Unique Approach to Each Event

    We understand that not every event is the same and not every client will have the same needs. That said, we create custom designs for entrances and red carpets for every kind of event. The carpet doesn’t even have to be red. We provide custom made carpets in different colors, sizes and shapes. You just have to decide what will best suit the event you have planned.

    However, a red-carpet event isn’t all about the carpet. There are a variety of additions that can help elevate the entrance even further. These include step & repeat backdrop elements, 3D elements,, crowd control items barricades or stanchions, press and media lighting, draping, and/or press risers. Our team is well versed when it comes to building custom step & repeat walls of any size and can easily handle the building of press risers, permits, press lighting and all other supplementary structures. We also take note of the architectural schematics of the event’s location to create perfect layouts and CADs of the red carpets.

    Why Rely on designer8* for Your Red Carpet Rentals

    We help manage and think through every aspect of your event entrance. All details like the number of guests attending, budget restrictions, sizes of the carpet and location, placement of the logo and any other guidelines will be duly considered during the entire process. We even know about the building rules and regulations in the West Coast and East Coast to make sure our work is up to code. Our designers will carefully take note of your goals and needs to guide the creation of a custom design of the red carpet. By combining your vision with our in-house scenic expertise and extensive inventory, we are able to easily bring your objectives into fruition.

    High Quality Service Every Step of the Way

    Our red carpets in our collection are bound to impress even the most savvy and jaded audiences. Our single-minded focus in only making use of the best materials for our products ensures you always get top-notch designs and items from us. Even the custom backdrops for events will be a cut above the rest. We also take great pains to keep our carpets are in good condition.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our designs, and our service practically speaks for itself. Reach out to us and we’ll work with you to make your red carpet event a study in perfection.