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    Outdoor Furniture Rentals

    Outdoor Seating and Outdoor Tables Rentals in Sacramento

    Sacramento is a beautiful city with a climate that allows for outdoor events almost year-round. When hosting your event, it’s important to have the right outdoor lounge furniture rental. The furniture you choose should match the style and function of your event. Selecting the wrong furniture could affect the mood and have a negative impact on flow very quickly. Choosing too much or too little furniture can also create challenges. Furniture impeding the flow of movement will force guests to stay where it’s most convenient. As a result, they may be huddled in one spot, like at the bar. On the other hand, not having enough furniture for your guests could lead to an uncomfortable and/or unpleasant experience.

    Which Outdoor Lounge Furniture to Choose?

    You can choose whatever you want! DESIGNER8* lounge furniture collections can be used in both indoor and outdoor events. Our distinctive, high-quality pieces can be used to create weddings, galas, and industry events. Collections can also be easily matched among themselves. You can use that sectional that you’ve been eyeing with furniture from a different collection.

    We have lounge furniture collections to coordinate with just about every possible event theme. The seating options include elegant single person Havana chairs and ottomans that maximize comfort. We also offer Lucia loveseats and sofas to encourage conversation between old and new friends. Our Napa sectional is a perfect way to reshape any outdoor space. Its’ shape allows it to create sections without using a hard barrier. To complement the chairs, we can provide tables made of natural materials, like wood or rattan. This aesthetic does not compete with nature but instead enhances the natural landscape. After all, isn’t embracing the natural outdoor beauty the main reason for hosting an outdoor event?

    Why Choose DESIGNER8* for Your Event?

    There are furniture rental companies, and then there is DESIGNER8*. We don’t just rent furniture, we bring your vision to life. Our first step is to have a consultation with you to understand your lounge furniture and décor needs. We then design the space with you so that you can select the style and shapes you want. Our designers will work to find a design that’s right for you.

    Worried about cost? DESIGNER8* understands that budgets come in all sizes and we are happy to work with you to find the furniture solution that best fits your needs. We invite you to come to our consultation with an open mind. Let us surprise you with what we can do.

    How to Plan Your Outdoor Event

    Contact DESIGNER8* for a design consultation today. We’ll help you identify what pieces you should get for your outdoor furniture rental. You should also ask us about what other services we provide to outdoor events. Our design team can also help with lighting, décor, and scenic elements.