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    Event Furniture Rental in New Jersey

    Planning a memorable special event, from a social gathering to a corporate meeting, involves much more than the guest list and the menu.

    Furnishings and accessories “set the stage,” for unforgettable events. They help to create a mood, establish ambiance, reinforce a theme, create a comfortable atmosphere, and serve as the “background” for the festivities. All are vitally important.

    Furniture Style Enlivens New Jersey Events

    Whether your goal is to provide a romantic setting for a wedding reception, a glamorous quality for a gallery opening or a dramatic backdrop for an art exhibit, we have a stunning collection of quality furniture in both classic and modern styles. In addition, our designers can provide a dazzling array of party props, lighting, specialty props and accessories to make your job easier and help pull together an event that will cement your reputation as an event coordinator.

    Corporate functions benefit from a balanced mix of sophistication and drama, whether it’s informal seating at a large trade show, a comfortable speaker’s lounge at an important conference or an upscale presentation setting for the unveiling of a new product. As a business host, you want to project a desirable image of worth and success with your selections.

    Individualize Rental Furniture Selections

    The good news is that you don’t have to follow a particular “formula.” Trendy design is all about individualizing and mixing different periods to create a particular vibe. Our design staff can help you achieve the look you desire, from sleek to rustic, for both indoor and outdoor settings. We can supplement existing furniture, fill an empty space or craft a solution for a particular need.

    Our talented design staff will work with you to create a mood, suggesting tables and chairs, supplementary seating, serving bars, buffet tables and cocktail groupings culled from our extensive collection. Whether you are planning a formal dinner, a red carpet gala or a beach-side barbecue, we meet your desire for quality and service.

    Our design sense was born on the West Coast, where lavish gatherings are not at all unusual, and we are proud to bring those same talents to East Coast locations, including New Jersey.

    Design Service for Lavish New Jersey Events

    Don’t be limited by the ordinary for your next event, when designer8* can help you achieve the extraordinary!

    Why not download our complete catalog, browse through our product line at your leisure and get some ideas for your next event. Let your imagination soar as you study some of the stunning examples of spectacular weddings, openings, exhibitions, concerts and corporate meetings.

    We are available to work with you to create a fabulous aura, or we can give you a simple quote for delivery and set up of a suite of comfortable seating for various venues. As you will note, our lines of furniture and accessories are appropriate for a wide variety of functions. In addition, we can supply decals, backdrops, lighting, red carpets, and specific special effects for any event.

    We hope you’ll keep us in mind as you develop plans for your next event.