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    In a city that is accustomed to “high society” and elegant events, in addition to an abundance of historical sights and venues, planning a special event can assume special significance and require an extra measure of diligence to assure that all the details come together perfectly.

    Party Furniture Rentals for all Needs

    That’s where designer8* Event Furniture Rental excels. With the availability of dramatic furniture collections chosen not only for appearance and style but for their quality and function, we are able to supply local party planners and corporate event coordinators with the exact pieces they need. Our goal is to assure that every event will be memorable, whether it’s strictly social or a business function.

    We can accommodate a crowd for a wedding, coordinate casual seating and serving requirements for a gallery opening, cater to the varied needs of a corporate training seminar, and assure that meeting room space and social schedules mesh perfectly during a week-long convention.

    Whatever the location or the purpose of your public or private event, whether indoors or out, formal or informal, our talented consultants will work with you to choose appropriate furniture and accents. We will help you decide on a style, whether you lean toward sleek, trendy and colorful or your preference is for subdued colors and traditional forms.

    Create a Unique Philadelphia Event

    We can also steer you towards an eclectic vibe, or help you highlight a rustic setting for a dramatic change of pace. Because our rental furniture company began in California, we have developed an expertise that translates well to high-profile events — we are comfortable with red-carpet openings, and we understand the need for discretion and security. Our dedication to impeccable planning and service is unwavering.

    We have the ability to create a garden spot on a rooftop or transform an auto showroom into an art gallery: All you have to do is tell us what you envision. Whether you require upholstered sofas, chairs, benches, and ottomans or clean-lined contemporary bar counters and crayon-colored stools, we can translate your needs into a stunning reality, and we are respectful of your budget as well.

    Details Define Any Special Event

    While we at designer8* will appreciate the opportunity to tackle any type of special event, we love weddings because they offer such a great opportunity to be creative and personal. If there is a wedding in your future, why not contact us now so that we can begin planning that special day. We vow to help you make it as special as you dreamed it would be!

    Finally, we know you’ll agree that it’s the details that can make or break your event. While we paint in broad strokes to create an overall theme, we concentrate on the details to bring every occasion to life. We have the lighting pieces and finishing touches, including carpets, backdrops, partitions and props to complete and complement your furniture choices for any setting. If you can’t find something you love in the designer8* downloadable brochure, why not call us so we can work together to make your next event perfect?