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    Matched Collections


    Collections of Furniture Rentals in New York

    At designer8*, we strive to make every event a success by providing the highest-quality furniture, lighting, and accessories. We live for creating unforgettable experiences, and with our extensive inventory, you are sure to find what you’re looking for to take your upcoming conference, premiere or party to the next level. Whether it’s a rooftop soiree or a corporate trade show, designer8* has just what you need!

    Our designers live for aesthetics. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a room that is perfectly orchestrated – the colors match, the lighting is perfect, and the furniture meshes together to create a comfortable and stylish look. While we often mix and match our pieces, we are also known for our signature matched collections – these pieces are paired perfectly with each other, making style decisions easy. Regardless of style, we can help curate a wonderful array of pieces to fit any style or size venue.

    Purchase Enough Rental Pieces

    Guests are the reason for your event, and you want them to feel comfortable and relaxed. Setting the scene is essential for this goal. Having ample seating can make or break any event as we have all experienced. No one will be standing awkwardly at your function when you rent the appropriate number of pieces for your guest count. Our expert designers can work with you and your venue to fully understand the size and shape of your space and will work with you to create a custom layout to meet those needs.

    We will also work with you to figure out the proper assortment of pieces. People love to congregate in groups when they eat and drink. Having beautiful, fashionable tables of all proportions adds to a welcoming feel. Tables serve to hold food and drinks while creating a communal vibe to a location. We offer a wide variety from buffet-sized to elegant side tables. If you are planning on a full meal or light appetizers, consider the amount of space each person will need for their plates and cups. We can help with these estimates to ensure the proper quantity.

    Meaningful Extras Add to Your Look

    Whether you are imagining classy chandeliers or modern LED props, we understand the importance of lighting a space and situating the right color and brightness for every type of mood. Proper illumination can be a critical factor for multiple reasons. You want your guests to move confidently and comfortably throughout your event. And great lighting enhances the look of the space and those in it! You can highlight new products, new technology, artwork, florals or presentations better with event lighting. Our designers can help you better understand our full range of lighting and what might be best for your needs.

    Not finding what you want? We’ll work with you to realize your exact vision. We can design and build custom pieces to your exact specifications and have years of experience designing and executing on some of the highest-level events in the industry. With designer8*, no dream or design is too big or too small!