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    Exclusive Rental Furniture Collection in New Jersey

    Organizing an event is stressful, whatever the occasion. A lot goes into making your event a successful one; the lighting, the food, décor, and even the furniture. You might scoff, but the right tone of your furniture can go a long way of enhancing the theme of your entire event. That said, clients often find it challenging when you have to decide on the fabric, color, and pattern of the furniture all by yourself while juggling with other elements. Fortunately, you can get professional help from an event party rental service!

    The Most Exclusive Event Furniture In All Of New Jersey

    Our primary goal is to make sure we maintain and continuously improve our quality, and for that, we hire only the most competent individuals in the market. Our team comprises of creative, innovative, and experienced individuals who work on the ideas and themes you have in mind. You can easily access our vast inventory for any sort of furniture set you prefer. Be it a baby shower, corporate party, or a farewell, we have all kinds of event furniture available for any occasion, all under one roof. What truly sets our rental service apart is that our entire collection is comprised of unique and authentic designs; created by our own designers. We also look over the manufacturing process to ensure top quality. Our original designs and experts allow you to make the right call. Furthermore, our design unit personally aids customers set their theme, their event locations, the right decor, and what not to choose. We want your event to sparkle as much as you do! We also provide our clients with various styles from our distinguished collections. You can browse through the many options of fabric, patterns, and colors that you feel will naturally complement your event theme. Various customers cannot make their minds on the spot, and that is why we always provide them with an option to order complete collections for a mix and match effect.

    Choose Only The Best Furniture Rental

    Not many furniture rentals in New Jersey can attest to thoroughly inspecting each piece of furniture when it comes from the warehouse, but are proud to say that we do! Each piece is checked by our team for any damages, stains, or other issues. We ensure that you receive what you rented and that it delivered in protective covers. We don’t take chances. It is our central mission to provide our customers with quality furniture and service for a great event. Our main focus revolves around making sure that all the colors coordinate with the theme and that each element individually meshes together for a dominant style, which our clients envision from the start.

    We value your input and your creativity; it is your event! We design an entire process that involves you from beginning to end. Brainstorming ideas, choosing fabrics, going through the collection and finally making the decision, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our loyal customers keep on choosing our event party rental services because they’ve experienced our perseverance. They know we work well with deadlines, budgets, and schedules. They put their trust in us, and we consistently deliver.

    Why designer8* For Furniture Rental Services

    At designer8*, we hire only the best designers to make sure you understand every step of the process, the logistics, and proactively prevent any potential issues. We value your time, and we strive to avoid last minute hassles by completing all deliver details according to your preferred dates in advance. Our furniture rental service is the fruit of years of experience and prioritizing creativity and quality over cutting corners. We encourage innovative ideas which you can easily witness in our unique styles, fabrics, and patterns. The team at designer8* is well experienced in a variety of event venues such as corporate parties, wedding showers, and even auctions. We push them to work in such competitive environments so that they can understand the complications of different events and the requirements of every client.

    If you can envision it, designer8* can create it