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    Bar Rentals in San Francisco

    Bar Rentals in Sacramento

    Tables may be where conversations happen, but bars are often the focal point of the event. Therefore, we always recommend going with a stunning bar to give your guests something to visually salivate over. Perhaps your event space does not have a permanent bar. Maybe the bar is already there, but it’s very underwhelming (or ugly). To avoid having an eyesore at the center, you can easily elevate the look with a few DESIGNER8* pieces. DESIGNER8* makes it easy to select bar rentals for your next event in Sacramento.

    Elevating Your Bar

    DESIGNER8* provides beautifully crafted bar rentals that can be placed anywhere. Our bars work indoors and are perfect for outdoor events in Sacramento’s climate. As part of our product selection, we provide a number of bars that can be temporarily installed for your event in a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes. Use a mirrored façade to reflect light and make the room seem brighter. A bar with up lighting is great for featuring sponsored product, like adult beverages. Custom up lighting is also available to match the theme or color of your event. Along with the actual bar, DESIGNER8* offers back bars, bar seating and tables for your guests’ comfort. Alternatively, your event may be better suited for loveseats, ottomans, sofas and coffee tables.

    Setting a High Bar in Service

    If you haven’t thought much beyond the bar, perhaps you should ask a member of our talented design team to walk you through all of the ways in which our bars and accessories can be used to enhance an existing space. DESIGNER8* does so much more than just bar furniture rental. We provide personalized assistance for you to make your event special. You can use our design talents as little or as much as you want. It may be that you have everything planned. When working with us, all you need is the furniture to fill the space. We’ll temper our input to ensure that your vision is clearly projected in the event. It is possible that you don’t have all the ideas clearly defined. You may appreciate some help to bring your sophisticated soiree to life. Our team will share our interpretation of what you describe. Then we’ll work together to shape this event to accurately reflect your ideas.

    Making Your Next Event Bar Rental

    It is so much easier with DESIGNER8*. Give us a call today and we will work with you to discuss how our customized pieces can help elevate the style and function of your next indoor or outdoor event. Our designs could include a number of extra tables and décor elements for style and functionality. These products, coupled with the service of our talented design team, can only have one result. Your event will be the fashionable fete that you always imagined. Excited to get going!