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    Bar Rental

    Exquisite Bar Rental in New Jersey

    Gone are the days when bars were hidden and found in the background of parties. Instead, we now live in a time where hosts are proud to prominently feature custom-built bars with premier beverages. Now, bars act as the focus of any successful event; it sets the mood, gives all your guests to unwind and have socially interactive experiences. A bar is far more than just a place to grab a drink. A customized bar highlights the personalized effort you’ve put in your event, but that only works when it’s done right. Finding an event bar rental that delivers according to your needs is difficult in New Jersey, we’re here to help!

    Why designer8* Bar Furniture Rental

    We are a full bar and event furniture rental service and proudly offer a wide range of styles for every occasion. Our state of the art bars are available in various shapes, designs, and measurements, and can be customized to align with your envisioned ideas. If your event is corporate or business related, we can incorporate your logo as well. A bar is more than just the beverages; it is a defining statement of your entire party. Our team will work with you to provide you with quality products; your satisfaction is what matters to us.

    We encourage our clients to go all out with their ideas; your theme can be eccentric or a scene from the eighties - we will have the right bar and personalization options available for you. You can also go through our vast inventory for a mix and match the theme and our design unit will help you with the bar selection so that it suits your venue too.

    Number One Bar Rental In New Jersey

    To rent a bar for a party, we are undoubtedly the best choice. We understand that every event is unique, because every customer is unique and has their own preferences. Our inventory holds a wide selection of designs to suit any theme. You can choose to bring your message on the front, side, or the top of the bar; it’s all up to you. We design and manufacture our own inventory and are constantly adding to our inventory with new trendsetting looks.

    Our event bar rental staffs only the most talented staff members; allowing you to have a personalized event with a bar that beautifully ties with your theme and adds to the environment. We excel in renting out bars that are attractive in design and efficient in usage with ample storage space behind. More than that, we offer a thorough process which includes you from brainstorming sessions to the final execution date. Rest assured, no step will be taken without your approval.

    White Tufted Bar or A Cubix Bar, We Got It All!

    Over the years, designer8* has successfully provided with a number of stylish bar designs that fit with just about any event theme you can create. And our bar quality speaks for itself! Each piece is handmade from the highest quality materials - impressing hosts and guests alike.

    At designer8*, we are very transparent and communicate often with our clients to ensure everyone is on the same page and all expectations are met. This is how we garner a loyal business relationship with customers.

    In New Jersey, designer8* is one of the most sought-after bar rental companies; we’ve organized everything from a corporate galas and conferences and to weddings and bar mitzvahs.. You can trust us, our expertise, and our experienced staff to make your event truly memorable.