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    Accent Pieces

    New York Event Furniture Accents

    When designing the look of an event, it’s the little things that matter. It’s that one lighting set, the yellow pillow on the sofa, or the pattern of the back wall that really put the finishing touches on an incredible experience. At designer8*, we understand the importance of those little things and offer a diverse range of accent pieces. Whether you’re trying to tie everything together, complement your existing design, work with existing pieces or throw in a little something to catch interest, we are sure to have the perfect accent piece to help style your event. At designer 8*, we’re with you every step of the way – planning the concept, designing the layout, and finally executing the event. We are here to help bring your ideas to life!

    Accent Pieces to Help Make Your Event Unique

    Decorative rugs can help carve out sections of space for eating, talking, or displaying art and presentations. This allows you to steer and guide your guests throughout every part of your venue. Rugs add a pop of color to a neutral floor to help draw our eyes in and create a completed and polished appearance. They can provide warmth and comfort when standing or help with acoustics in large venues. We have a variety of colors and materials to fit the feel of your event./span>

    Partitions have a similar function as they create spaces and the feel of separate rooms. Using decorative partitions shows your guests that you have thought through the space and its flow. Partition walls can also provide privacy for guest speakers, food preparation or meeting areas. Browse through our selection and reach out if you have a different image in mind. We can create partitions that are open and airy to mimic an outdoor feel. If you would like to conceal background distractions, we will construct a solid piece.

    Accent Pieces Make an Impact

    Pillows are an affordable way to spruce up a conference, activation or party. You can select coordinating hues that complement your color scheme and add them on sofas, chairs, or even the floor for lounging. Picking contrasting colors attracts attention to an area and would be ideal for a focal point at your event. We can work with you to create custom colors or branded pillows if needed. This is one accessory you want to stock up on! /span>

    We also offer additional accents such as lanterns, mirrors, chandeliers, topiaries, props and pedestals to add flair and dimension to any event. Have you seen our LED props? These are both modern and futuristic and add a unique touch to the décor as well. Tuck them into corners for subtle light or use our light up cubes for a striking side table. Arranging them along an entrance sets a festive mood from the first moment guests arrive. Be sure to ask us about any new products we are creating.

    Your New York Party Furniture Experts

    Ready to experience the designer8* difference? Reach out to us at our contact page to find out all we can do to turn your next corporate event, entertainment event or social event your absolute best. Your guests will never forget it when you rent with designer8*!