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    Accent Pieces

    Accent Pieces Rental in New Jersey

    One of the most modern ways of making your event stand out is by adorning it with aesthetics that leave your guests in awe. Styling birthdays, bachelorette parties, and farewells with customized furniture, lighting, and accents are all the rave these days, and for a good reason! Designing accents which suit your event’s theme only makes it that much better. Accent pieces have the ability to add a personal touch to your event, even if it is a corporate affair.

    What Makes designer8* Stand Out?

    Accent furniture pieces are highly demanded event must-haves these days, which means an inevitable competition in the market. What sets our pieces apart is our dedication to providing our clients with a wide range of unique styles. Our team is a mix of creative-minded people who prioritize innovative and original ideas for each and every event.

    What highlights our services among others is the number of accent designs we offer. From modest, traditional accent pieces to modernized ones, we have you covered. Our inventory consists of event essentials such as chandeliers, lamps, beautiful displays, lanterns, mirrors, rugs, and even LED lit props. Our original styles and the experience of our team are an incredible advantage when planning an event in New Jersey. Our designers go out of their way to help our clients who might struggle with choosing the right accent pieces or coordinating with their event themes.

    What are accent pieces without custom decals? We work with clients to utilize custom decals, personally designed monograms, fun or corporate logos, and customized lightings to enhance their event further. We also have a wide range of scenic pieces, topiaries, and partitions to help make the space even more unique. Through our years of working with clients with vastly different occasions, we know all the right customization your party needs.

    One Stop Shop For All Your Accent Furniture Pieces Needs In New Jersey

    We are proud of our styles, customizations and processes that always lead to very satisfied customers. Undoubtedly, we have made our mark in New Jersey as a luxury furniture rentals company due to our constant regard for quality and style. We design and manufacture our own inventory and monitor their condition. We make sure you receive what you ordered, complete in a protective covering to ensure a quality delivery.

    Each of our accent pieces is a result of a creative hand using the highest quality material available; this claim of ours is evident in the minute details and smooth finishing of every piece, furniture, pillow or light option we offer. Our primary focus is always on our valued customers, what they have in mind, the colors they prefer, and the overall theme they desire. At the end of the day, your guests matter to us as well and we want everyone to have the best experience possible.

    Luxury Furniture Rental Services You Can Trust

    Don’t trust us, trust the word of our clients that rely on us and keep coming back! Every client we entertain goes through the same procedure, no matter how many times they come to us. We clearly identify logistics, sizing and timing details to avoid any miscommunication.

    designer8* event rental services are what you need for a customized experience with beautiful accent pieces. Every accent piece, decal, and idea we come up with resonate with the people who attend our organized events.

    In New Jersey, designer8* is one of the most experienced accent piece rentals services; we’ve organized events such as galas and anniversaries, with everything and anything in between. Everyone on our team understands how unique each event is and flourishes in what they do best to ensure that it is as special as intended.