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    Lounge Rental Options for Events in New York

    Informal lounge areas are an increasingly popular attraction at corporate meetings and upscale social events. The days when participants at a conference were required to “circulate” continually have given way to a preference for relaxed networking opportunities and extended conversations, even in a business-oriented environment.

    Along with many other types of event furniture, you can rent lounge furniture for events in New York to further impress your guests while maximizing comfort. We carry a wide selection of lounge furniture to match the theme of any event to help make your event unforgettable.

    Rent Lounge Furnishings for Your New York Event

    Comfortable chairs and loveseats, stylish benches and ottomans, and convenient tables to hold lamps and drinks are the norm. But tables and ottomans that coexist with chairs and benches can also serve as convenient landing spots for laptops and literature, and allow the informal kind of gatherings that promote conversation and congeniality. Offer comfort and boost business at the same time!

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    We applaud that trend and, as a professional event furniture rental company, we have available a diversified collection of high-style quality lounge furnishings and accessories to breathe life and comfort into any gathering.

    Whatever your venue — from a gallery opening to a trade show, from a formal wedding to a sports award banquet, a space set aside for small group conversation is a welcome way for guests to congregate and mingle before or after the primary event. At an informal reception, a gala that features multiple attractions in a sprawling outdoor setting, or during an event that spans an entire day, the opportunity to “escape,” meet friends or “regroup” is not only welcome, but almost a necessity.

    Serving a Variety of New York Event Lounge Furniture Needs

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    Our lounge furniture includes daybeds and chaises appropriate for wedding party use, high-style upholstered poufs, leather or suede bournes and romantic high-backed booths to recall period hotel lobbies and Victorian soirees. Create a dramatic setting for a cocktail reception or populate an outdoor pool-side event with oversize sun-shaded lounges.

    We also have a wide selection of loveseats in styles that range from classic to contemporary, in subdued neutral shades or paintbox colors that will wake up any reception. Our artful designs will allow you to tailor the mood to the event, inducing a sense of calm or producing a lively mood.

    Use Our Furniture Rentals in Any Type of Event

    A wide range of events can utilize our unique event lounge furniture in New York, including weddings, corporate events, movie premieres and other red carpet events, galas, and many others. We have everything you need to make your event stand as an unforgettable gathering. With our rentals, you’ll make your event’s atmosphere as engaging and enjoyable as the event itself.

    If you need help with the selection of lounge furniture rentals, we can provide assistance with event design services. Our staff can help ensure that you’re satisfied with our products, returning to us to meet the needs of your next event. Regardless of your event’s theme, we have the rentals to match it.

    Ensure Success for Your New York Event

    Because comfort and style are at the heart of any design mix, we curate our New York lounge furniture and accessory collections carefully, culling from the best of design as well as for aesthetic appeal.

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    Our talented designers and consultants are available for consultation, whether you have in mind a refined social event, a gala opening or a multi-day training seminar. Why not visit our website to view the range of our talents, download our complete catalog to browse at your leisure, and add Designer 8 to your contact list for future reference.

    We look forward to working with you to assure that your next New York special event becomes the talk of the town. We are dedicated to your success and we like nothing better than planning a party!

    Rent Event Furniture for a New York Party

    If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then it follows that the way to impress guests at a special event includes the food. But it’s also true that a party’s theme and comfortable seating options play an important part in event success! Whether you’re planning a formal, seated dinner or a cocktail party for hundreds, you should plan some comfortable sofas, chairs and benches, as well as a variety of tables and convenient surfaces for plates and drinks.

    It’s those thoughtful touches — as well as the ability for guests to meet and chat, to engage in private conversations, and to rest their feet — that can propel a corporate meeting or charity event into the record books of success. That kind of personalized comfort is even more vital for family weddings.

    Designer 8 Exceeds Expectations for Comfortable Party Rental Furniture

    As you begin to analyze your seating needs for an upcoming New York event, we suggest that you create room settings in your mind. Visualize the reasons for interaction between guests: reminiscing about shared experiences, catching up on life events of friends and associates from afar, comparing notes about a keynote speaker’s address, or simply enjoying some quiet time and perhaps a glass of wine after a long day.

    At a wedding, think about creating romantic “mini rooms” where guests can gather to share the excitement and to meet new friends.

    And at a benefit auction or a grand opening, you’ll want to encourage socializing and discussion, building interest in the event itself.

    The specific furniture you’ll use depends on the focus as well as on the space.

    Contact the Pros about Custom Furniture Rental for New York Events

    With more than 10 years of experience making dreams real with event planners in southern California, we now have the chance to “strut our stuff” in other parts of the state and across the country. Designer 8 has built a reputation of unmatched creativity and unequaled service. Our talented consultants consider each event not only as a style opportunity, but also as a personal challenge.

    We have an extensive inventory of furniture just waiting to be utilized. We can satisfy your request for classic formality, period chic or high-tech trendy — just take a look at the variety of styles we feature on our website and in the Designer 8 catalog. Download a copy to review at your leisure, and know that, whether you prefer the unexpected glitz of metallic leather benches or the traditional charm of a curvy French loveseat upholstered in soft linen, we can respond to your preferences.

    And we offer so much more. We have tables, display pedestals, bars and serving counters, mirrors and pillows, lighting, decorative accents and corporate decals, even red carpet. In short, we are your ultimate party headquarters when you want to create an unique party atmosphere. We’ll help you raise the bar for future New York special events. Indoors or out, glamorous or casual, corporate or personal, it’s all about individuality and drama.

    At Designer 8, we love what we do, and we do it well. Let us show you the love!

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