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    Booth Rental for Events in New York

    Trade shows and product exhibitions are some of the most demanding types of public events. The necessity to customize and personalize individual booth configurations and displays, handle crowds and maximize available space requires specialized rental furniture and equipment.

    Depending on the venue, a convention center or a well-equipped sports facility or multi-purpose building, the existing shell might have existing lobby space with public benches and attractive rest areas. However, it is often necessary to supplement existing seating with eating counters, small group conversation areas or color-coded zones to facilitate traffic flow.

    Booth Rental, Partitions, Furniture and Accents

    As experienced event planners, Designer 8 has the inventory and the expertise to help make your New York event the talk of the town, whether it’s an extravagant cooking and housewares exhibition, an Earth Day celebration or a Fashion Week show.

    Whether you’re planning an elegant presentation or a folksy “down home” gathering, some of the booth equipment and rental furniture you might need to consider include display tables and draping, curtains and partitions, conference tables and chairs, attractive movable chairs or stools, bar tops and stools in a food court, “stadium style” seating for lectures and demonstrations, and “green room” lounge seating for featured entertainers and program presenters.

    We can help when you require designated areas for formal presentations, informal networking, snack areas and seating nooks, sales booths and resource areas, and any other special spaces you envision.

    Our design consultants are some of the most experienced and highly trained in the event industry. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with all aspects of event planning. We will supply shelving and display tables to meet any desired configuration. Our inventory includes back panels and custom shelving and bars; we also can supply decals and display boards. Just let us know the theme and we’ll work to create the “aura.”

    Specialists in New York Event Rental Furniture

    Designer 8 can accommodate booth rental requests for a community exhibition or for an industry trade show. No matter what your theme or your specific design preferences, we help with coordinated and appropriate selections. We can design a setting to appeal to a high-tech, high-fashion crowd, or serve a clientele that is more comfortable in traditional surroundings.

    We pride ourselves on being your best and most innovative resource in the event rental furniture business, with more than ten years of experience serving clients on the West Coast. With our expansion eastward, we look forward to a new decade of growth, assisting private clients with large weddings and social events and serving corporate coordinators and special event planners with an ever-expanding variety of unique events. How can we help you?

    Do you have a corporate event or a community celebration planned? Or do you have an upcoming wedding? Contact Designer 8 to discuss your event rental requirements in New York. Let’s get started so that your event will be spectacular.

    • Darcy Booth – White Leather see details
    • Francesca Curved 5′ Booth – Chocolate Brown Suede see details
    • Francesca Curved 8′ 8″ Booth – Chocolate Brown Suede see details
    • Francesca Curved 10′ Booth – Chocolate Brown Suede see details
    • Alessio Channeled Booth – Merlot Leather see details
    • Alessio Channeled ‘U’ Shape Booth – Merlot Leather see details
    • Curved 5′ Booth – Aubergine Velvet see details
    • Curved 10′ Booth – Aubergine Velvet see details
    • Alessio Channeled ‘L’ Shape Booth – Merlot Leather see details

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