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    Bar Rental for Events in Los Angeles

    From wine tastings to beach parties, from red carpet openings to trendy wedding celebrations, SoCal is known for its style-setting ways and extravagant parties. It’s a natural to think of upscale events when you think of “Tinseltown” and the lifestyles associated with perfect weather, beautiful land, beach locations and the movie industry.

    But that’s not a complete picture of Southern California.

    Real people live here. Business thrives here, and visitors flock to the area to experience it all. It’s a legendary atmosphere for myriad special events, held both indoors and in open-air settings, many of which require specialized rental furniture, dramatic accents, and dedicated service.

    Designer 8 — A Local Success Story

    That’s where Designer 8 shines. With a 10-year history of exceeding expectations in a competitive and demanding field, our team has built a stellar reputation of service that wins industry acclaim. Our success is built on our team’s ability to coordinate decor as well as our demonstrated expertise in capturing the vision for each event and orchestrating its success from planning stage through completion.

    We do that by maintaining an extensive inventory of furnishings and accent pieces, by concentrating on meeting the needs of corporate clients and special event planners as well as individuals, and by simply loving what we do.

    Rental Bars for Los Angeles Events

    From first sip through last call, the bar at any large-scale event is apt to be a central gathering spot, not only for the beverage service itself, but for the comfort and conversation a drink station generates. After all, who doesn’t love the ambience of a friendly bar setting, a place where good times traditionally begin.

    The differences between a wine bar at a society wedding and the appetizer and beverage station at a corporate meeting are only of degree and decor. Both must be in synch with the purpose and the vibe of the event itself. Designer 8, with an extensive inventory of styles, sizes and options, can supply rental bars that are sleekly functional, drop dead glitzy, retro or rustic, classic or comfortably chic, and that are appropriate for indoor or outdoor settings.

    Create an informal mood or reinforce your expression of luxury. Browse Designer 8’s downloadable catalog to stimulate your creative juices. Let us help you transform any setting into an island of delight!

    Rely on Designer 8 Expertise for Advice and Service


    Lighted bars are the newest innovation in party service, casting a glow that is sure to stimulate conversation as well as appetite and thirst. Combine several straight-line or curved sections to highlight food and beverage service, or coordinate these stylish rental bars with display pedestals to create an ethereal landscape at a trendy event.

    We are in the business of establishing mood and creating illusions. The most spectacular and successful events transport guests into a “make believe world,” engaging everyone in a spirit of celebration that becomes reality for a limited period of time.

    It is with this intent that we work diligently to bring your event visions to life. We want to create magic every time!

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